in my school box

Back to school today.

The kinderblog challenge wants to know what is is my school box.  

I have a backpack, but I only use it when I drive my scooter to school.  

Briefcase - so not my style.

A cute tote would be lovely.  But not practical enough. 

My school box (a sturdy, plastic file box) carries all the weird and wonderful and oddly shaped things that I take to school more efficiently.

item 1 - lunch box
Filled with a reasonably healthy collection of food that can be eaten quickly.

item 2 - water bottle

The trick is to drink all the water before leaving for home at the end of the day, but only have to use the washroom before school, lunch time and after school.  A lot of the water gets consumed after the children go home.

item 3 - chocolate

Look carefully.  You will see that it is fair trade, organic and dark chocolate.  I eat it as a socially conscious statement and for its health benefits.

item 4 - ingredients for making bread in the bread maker
It's Monday.  We make bread every Monday.  The room smells amazing.  

item 5 - giant pinecones
They were on sale.  They are huge. We can figure out what kind of tree they came from.  I could not resist.

And other assorted odds and ends …

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  1. You bake bread EVERY Monday! Heaven! I can share my challenge as soon as Wordpress starts cooperating with me.

  2. Bread in the bread maker is super easy. Minimal effort. Big payoff. Hope Wordpress co-operates soon.

  3. mmmmmmmm. I can smell that bread baking from Texas! My bag includes plastic bags and a stuffie or two. Have a good week!

    1. I often have plastic bags in my box too - but not for the same purpose! Enjoy your week Rhythm.

  4. I'd love to come to our class every Monday! I am right there with you with the dark chocolate. Yum! I think you are making me hungry.

  5. Dark chocolate can avert many a major crisis!

  6. I'm coming to your class next week! Fresh bread = yum! You have such a fun school box!


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