TGIF: The very best thing about 2013 was...

2013 was a pretty good year.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

We took a three month leave of absence from our teaching jobs, packed our backpacks and went exploring for 99 days.  

We met interesting people, went to amazing places, learned intriguing histories; learned of sadness and hope and wonder.  

It's hard to choose one "best" thing.

We did have an "I was there when" experience.

We were in South Africa on December 5, 2013 when Nelson Mandela passed away.  

We were witness to the national mourning of the man who gave his life to the struggle for freedom and equality for all South Africans.

candle light vigil in Cape Town
After spending 27 years in prison, 18 of them on Robben Island, Mandela was able to walk as a free man without bitterness and recriminations.  

Mandela's cell on Robben Island     

We were witness to the celebration of the country that this man was able to build.  To build through forgiveness and reconciliation.  

During the Capetown memorial for Madiba, my favourite quote was from a member of  the African Tenors:  
You know you are in the new South Africa 
when a white man sings in Zulu, 
three black men sing opera, 
and then sing in Africaans.  

Tata. Madiba. Nelson Mandela. 
Beloved in his country.  A world hero.
May we learn well what you taught.

 Rest well. 

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  1. You are a very special person. I feel so much love and admiration in your words and your actions. I am proud to know you.


  2. The 99 day trip with your husband has to be one of the coolest experiences I've ever heard about. I loved following your adventures on Facebook and your blog. You are a very inspiring woman! :)

  3. Wow! That's all I have to say. What an incredible experience. Congratulations on your 25th.

  4. What an amazing adventure you two had!
    You'll never forget this trip


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