winter sunshine

I was given some winter break homework.  
Ms Clayton from The Bird's Nest nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  She thought that some mid-winter brain activity was in order before heading back to the classroom on Monday.  
The Sunshine Award seems to have a thing with the number 11. 
task 1: 11 fascinating tidbits
•  I was born in Newfoundland.  Newfies seem to be a source of amusement for Canadians.
•  I had an English accent until I went to school. It was kind of cute.

•  I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was little. Being Pippi Longstocking seemed like a good option.  (kinderblog challenge: day 4 - I'm working smarter, not harder!)

•  When I was in grade three, I was asked to play the cymbals rather than sing in the school Christmas concert.  

•  My high school drama teacher told me to "lose the glasses" 'cause I would look better without them.  He was right.  But it was hurtful.  And was unprofessional.

•  My first teaching job was in the Canadian Arctic.  Yes, I saw polar bears.  No, I did not see penguins; they do not live in the northern hemisphere.

•  My "best" school closure day was when a suspected rabid fox was under the school. We had 2 days off until the wild life officer came back to town to deal with the fox.  
•  I used to drink diet Coke for breakfast.  It was my coffee equivalent.  I quit my habit  over 5 years ago.  Sometimes I still really really miss it. 

•  No one in my family likes tomatoes.  A family joke is that my husband and I got married because of our joint dislike of the red fruit.  Our son's girlfriend likes tomatoes; we like her despite this failing.

•  I have absolutely no sense of direction.  GPSs were made for people like me.

•  I would really really love an organizational guru to come and clean and organize my school cupboards for me.  For free.  Just putting that out there ...

task 2: answer 11 questions (created by Ms Clayton)

1. If you had an entire day to spend by yourself what would you do?
morning yoga + engrossing book + walk in the forest (it's a sunny day) + take out dinner eaten while watching something amusing on tv = fabulous day by myself
2. My favourite animal is …. because…
I find that giraffes make me smile.  They are just so cool looking.  Penguins are really cool looking too. They also make me smile.

3. What worries you about your job?

I worry that families who need some help/support in tough times don't get it.  And their kids pay a  price.  I worry that children who need beyond-the-teacher support in school do not get it because they do not have a fundable designation.  I worry that my best is not enough for some of my kids. 
4. If you were a photographer, what images would you capture?
I love images of children lost in wonder, when they are figuring something out, when you can almost see their brain wheels turning.  
5. What is your favourite children’s book? Why?
This is really hard.  One?!? It changes all the time 'cause I love so many. 
Today I am going to pick  Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis.  I love when the pig is using his stick to paint Starry Night.  
6. What is hanging on your living room (any room) wall that you cherish the most?
If I was allowed to get one thing (people are not things) if there was a fire, I would grab family photos. 
7. Describe your most memorable road trip or vacation.
My husband and I just came back from a 99 day adventure: Iceland, Dubrovnik, the Czech Republic, Turkey and South Africa.  We got to see giraffes.  And a few other things.
8. What is your favourite type of cheese?
I love soft goat cheese made on Saltspring Island.  It is delicious to look at as well as to eat.

9. If you cooked your best meal for your family/friends what would it be?
I don't do "fancy food" well.  But I can do comfort food.  I think I would make a good, hearty soup with crunchy fresh bread for dipping. 
10. What do you think about t.v.?
Big Bang Theory make me laugh out loud.  My husband says that he can tell when I am watching it by the way that I laugh.
11. Who is a person that you would like to get to know more about?
Everyone has a story to tell.

task 3:  nominate 11 other bloggers
I don't believe in giving homework over the week end, but do want to tell you about these fabulous blogs.
 First in Maine
Kimberly's honesty and transparency about her teaching 
and her passion for doing what is best for her students inspires me

Tough Bananas
Mom of 4 boys. Kindergarten teacher.  
I laugh every single post.

This Kid Reviews Books

Erik just turned 12. 
And he reviews books.  
He's good at it.

Reading with Rhythm

Rhythm is a dog.
He reads with kids.
He is totally awesome. 

I am a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here

My go to blog for playing and learning outside ideas.
And Juliet is really nice if you email her.

If you read all the way here, you probably know more about me than you ever wanted to. 

But my homework is done.

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  1. Hi Sandi,
    Despite the fact that the task was a lot like homework, I really did enjoy reading all about you. I see you have also taken on the #kinderchat challenge as well so you are motivated! I hope your Monday brings you great adventures after your unique adventures away this past fall.
    Jill Clayton ... who is looking forward to checking out the blogs you have been following

    1. It's the most fun homework that I have done for a while. Thanks for the nomination.

  2. Enjoyed your 11 tidbits!
    Just checked out Tough Bananas and it's hilarious. Thanks.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy Tough Bananas. She is hilarious.

  3. Wow! I loved learning all about you! And I'll bet there's a lot more fascinating stuff that you aren't telling us. Do you have a dog? You seem like a nice dog person. Thanks for the mention of my blog! You are very kind. I can't count to 11. Only to 3. But I enjoy following your adventures.

    1. Hi Rhythm. We used to have a wonderful dog that adopted us when we lived in the Arctic. He was mostly husky with a bit of golden lab in him. He was 17 when he went to the Great Dog Run, and we miss him dearly. I think you would have liked him. I enjoy reading your book reviews -and see that you have also branched out into movie reviews. You are a busy canine!

  4. There are things there that I did not know too!


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