100 cookies: a lesson in number sense

We don't need an excuse to make cookies.

We do need a reason to make 100 cookies.

100 Day is a good reason to make 100 cookies.

We figured out that  20 kids each had to make 5 cookies.

And we set to work. 

Five cookies each, five chocolate chips each - and one for the tummy. 

100 cookies on three trays.  We counted by fives and discovered that 35 + 35 + 30 is 100.

100 cookie on 2 plates.   That one was easier.  One of the mathemagicians remembered that 100 divided into 2 equal groups was 50.  

We shared our 100 cookies with our families who joined us for a morning of fun math activities. 

Before eating a cookie, the kids had to offer one to their grown up.  

Mathemagicians need to have good manners as well as good number sense!

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  1. Damn! I wish I'd thought of doing that. I really need to talk to you BEFORE these big events:)


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