hands and hearts: an Andy Warhol art project

Bright colours, handprints and hearts.

A perfect painting project for February.

I have been wanting to do an Andy Warhol art project with the kidlets for a while.  With some inspiration from Create Art with Mel and Artolazzi, now is the time.

We learned how Mr Warhol made art out of ordinary things that people see every day.  Like Campbells soup cans, or Coke bottles.  

He even liked Pete the Cat shoes. (Sorry about the photo - a hazard of taking pictures inside on a cloudy day with a not-so-wonderful camera.)

Mr Warhol often created his art with repetition  of the same picture - each just a little bit different.  We could do the same thing. 

First we painted our backgrounds with sponges.  Four of them.  All different colours.  

Next was black handprints.  

We had been practicing drawing and cutting out hearts.  That practice was put to good use.  

When all four backgrounds, handprints and hearts were finished, the kids decided how they wanted to arrange their squares.  

And they look good. 

Beautiful art from a new generation of pop artists. 

Image Map


  1. These look perfect. Thank you for walking me all the way through the process. I was wondering about how the heart ended up in the middle of the palm. I thought maybe you painted that inside. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kimberly. I might be biased, but I think they look great.

  2. Warhol is a great choice for introducing the kiddos to modern art techniques. We'll have to add him to the rotation for next year's syllabus. Great idea and beautiful art work by the students.


    1. Thanks. There are so many great artists to learn about. I am deciding who we will learn about next.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks - me too! Our school hallway is looking pretty good right now.

  4. I love these prints! I'll be featuring this post tomorrow at the Thoughtful Spot!


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