rainbow science

This experiment was so easy to prep and so effective, I can't believe that I didn't do it with the kids years ago.

To prep, I went to my fridge for milk, to the sink for dish soap, the cupboard for food coloring and the bathroom drawer for q-tips.  So easy.  And a class set of bowls.  

The tricky part was getting 24 bowls with milk ready for 24 scientists without anyone spilling.  

The scientists worked very hard keeping all body parts off the table while I put a drop of red, blue and yellow food coloring in each bowl.  

Each scientist was given a q-tip covered in dish soap.

Very carefully, the scientists touched the food coloring with their q-tips and observed the results.  

The colors moved, and swirled and mixed with each other.  

The scientists kept "chasing" the colors with their q-tips.  

Twenty-four engaged scientists, observation, working together,  lots of good questions, a few what-would-happen-ifs, one happy teacher ...

And no split milk.  

Visit Steve Spangler's website for full experiment instructions. Be sure to watch his video clip. 



  1. We did this such a long time ago that the girls probably don't even remember it. Thanks for reminding me about this fun activity. Will definitely have to do this soon. My girls love anything with color mixing it is so much fun to watch the rainbow appear!!!

  2. This looks like excellent fun!! Thanks!


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