Spring Break to do list

It's Spring Break.

Here are some activities that I hope that my kidlets enjoy.

Skills to practice:  love, co-operation, kindness,  embracing serendipity, being brave, observation, creativity, perseverance, laughter ...

Get outside.
Check out a new park.
Go for a walk.
Explore a beach.
Hang out with trees.
Fly a kite.
Get a garden ready for planting.

Get into the kitchen.
Bake some cookies.
Make pancakes for dinner.
Make a salad with all the colors of the rainbow (I guess it will have blueberries in it!)

Get together with non-school friends.
School friends are great. Kids get to see their school friends lots.  
Connect, or reconnect with some other friends and families.
Bring enough cookies to share. 

Build a fort.
Inside with cloths and sofa cushions.
Outside with sticks and branches.
Every fort needs a snack. Maybe some cookies.  

Have a book fest with a story reading adult.
Grab a stack of books.
Find a cosy spot.
Feast on books.
And a cookie or two.  See above. 

Plan an adventure.
Choose a new place to visit and explore.
Or something new to do and experience.
Or something new to make.
Or something that has been visited/done/made before and bears repeating.
Adventures are always better with cookies.

Have un-plans.
Unscheduled time that leaves room for magic to happen. 
Be prepared with extra cookies. 

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  1. Sounds like some excellent homework assignments!!!!

  2. Good activities for big kids, too!


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