ice cream activities for children

I am sure that there is someone out there who doesn't like ice cream..

But I have not met him or her yet.

Ice cream has an intrinsic interest value for kids (it's yummy!), so it's a perfect vehicle for some grow-your-brain (and feed your stomach)  activities.

ice cream books and literacy connections

Looking for ice cream books to read?  JDaniel4's Mom put together a collection of 10 of 
her favorites.   

Who can resist an ice cream Cat in the Hat?  Coffee Cups and Crayons gives you the details.  

A couple of kindergarten-kid read alouds did not make her list:   Simply Delicious and Ice Cream Bear.

Ice cream is not the only food that kids like.  We read this poem  in my kindergarten class when we learn about ice cream.  Print your free copy. 

let's play ice cream

My kindergarten kids spent hours playing in our ice cream sensory bin.  I was so grateful that all the ice cream concoctions that they created for me were calorie free!

The ice-cream-scoop-on-the-cone is a variation on the egg and spoon race; fun gross motor fun and focus building from The Preschool Toolbox

Welcome to the ice cream shops  Lots of fun working and shopping at Learning 4 Kids

Ice cream play dough good enough to eat!  Wildflower Ramblings shows you how. There is a linky with lots of great ice cream play dough recipes and ideas at the bottom of the post. 

ice cream art

These sparkly pom pom ice cream ornaments from Lines Across were created as Christmas ornaments.  I think they are gorgeous any time of year. 

Puffy paint seems a perfect fit for creating ice cream art.  Teach Preschool shows you how.  

These Theibaud inspired ice cream cones from Art BKE feature a pastel decorated background, painted ice cream cones, and puffy paint ice cream. 

More texture and collage from the Sugar Aunts - fork painting cones and  tissue paper ice cream.  

learning with ice cream

Erin at Royal Baloo creates oodles of free learning printables.  She has an ice cream series that include  letter sound, numbers, sight words and rhyming words.  Time to get printing!

Graphing is a natural fit for learning about ice cream.  Teach Preschool shows a variety of types of graphs.  What's your favorite flavor?

More printables - this time from Gift of Curiosity - a Montessori style color gradient, visual discrimination activity.  

Learning quantity, with a touch of subitizing, with this counting and number activity from  Learn With Play at Home.  An extra bonus is patterning and sorting with the scoops of ice cream.

It's easy to practice connected dots in a ten frame with the correct number with this printable from Early Years Fun.  

let's eat ice cream

One of the fabulous things about ice cream is all the amazing flavors.  No Time for Flashcards shows you how to set up a "blind taste test".  Sign me up - but I think I will need a bowl of each to truly be able to guess the flavor. 

Do It Yourself Ice Cream version one:  ice cream in a coffee can.  First caffeine, then ice cream; you could almost say the coffee can had super powers. Brought to you by Two-Daloo.

A gift that would be fun to put together to give away, or to get:  a make it your self ice cream kit.  Brilliant thinking from Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Mama Miss throws a whole party to make ice cream sandwiches.  I hope I am on the invite list for her next ice cream extravaganza.  

I lived in a part of the world with serious winter for 27 years and I can't believe that I never did this.  Obviously, I had a sadly deprived childhood!  If you have snow, you can ensure that your child experiences snow ice cream.  I Can Teach My Child shows you how.  

Ice cream can be made in a plastic bag.  Living Montessori Now has a child friendly printable instruction sheet. 

for more ice cream fun ...

Artsy Craftsy Mom has an Ice Cream Craft Round Up
rubberboots and elf shoes' ice cream pinterest board

Some fabulous bloggers  (97 of them!!) from the kids bloggers network  have joined together to bring you LOTS of great activities to enjoy with your kids.  

Click on the link right below.



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