giant butterfly wings

One of our end of the school year traditions is that we make huge butterflies.

They flutter down the school hallway - and stay there all summer, ready to welcome us back to school in the fall.  

I have three different real butterfly templates that I trace onto folded 24" x 36" paper.   A smaller version of one of the butterfly templates can be found {here}.  

Freehand drawing would work just as well.

Butterfly paint at the ready.  Lots of colours, or a few colours.  Bright or pastel.  I like bright - but it is the end of the school year and the paint was always cheap - now it's old and cheap.

Creating big butterflies calls for efficient ways to get paint to paper.  We use spoons.  The paint is "blobbed" onto one side of the folded paper.

I love seeing how the kids choose to create their butterfly.  How many colours.  Randomly placed, or carefully planned.  Dots.  Stripes.  Curves.  All wonderfully creative and different.

The paper is folded over and rolled with a rolling pin, 

and carefully opened up to give a hint of what the butterfly will look like. 

Aren't they beautiful?



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