elf class book

The kids looked so freakin' cute in their elf hats and ears that I just had to take pictures.

And if we take pictures, we might as well use them in a class book.

I wanted to make a book that was worthy of my kids' elfin charm (and use their developing reading and writing skills appropriately.)

I thought about an elf application.  

I found some great free downloads from What the Teacher Wants, Thrills and Frills in First, and Kindergarten Squared.

But they weren't quite right for my students.

So I went traditional.  

Not traditional Christmas -  Brown Bear, Brown Bear traditional. 

Click [here] or on the image to download a copy.  

It can also be printed in black and white for photocopying. 

It fit perfectly with an emergent Christmas book that we were reading - I See Christmas.  Download it for free from the teachers.net gazette.  

What will your little elves see?


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