elf hat and ears

Every Christmas needs some elf ears.

At least in we do in my kindergarten class.

This year we "elf"ed ourselves - with elf hats.

9 x 12" construction paper was cut down to 9 x 10".  

The extra strip was put out to be used for trim for the bottom of the hat - or anything else the elves dreamed up.

The remaining rectangle was cut into a elf hat triangle.

The "waste" triangles from the sides were not wasted.

I cut a 2" square from each to be used as a pom pom on top - or anything else the elves  dreamed up.

And I put out the remaining bits and pieces to see how the elves would create.

Ears.  I drew some elf ears.  Pretty proud of my ears, since I am no artist.    You can download and print your own elf ears.

The ears were cut out - and were supposed to be glued on near the base of the hat.  Some elf ears tended to migrate north.  Oh well.

There were no requirements, or criteria (other than 2 opposite ears, not 2 for the same side) - just that the kids communicate with their inner elf, and decide what their hat should look like.

I am so glad that I did that rather than insisting that everyone choose a pom pom for the top and a zig zag strip for the base of the hat.  

Because I think our elf hats reflect the little elves' style and creativity.

And for elf hats, creativity beats criteria -- hands down!

The hats were stapled onto a strip of heavier paper/light cardboard that would go around the children's heads.

Not one to be left out of the fun, I donned my own elf ears too.


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