heart geoboard exploration

The kids have been busy making patterns, seeing connections, playing with geometry, using their fine motor skills, co-operating and being creative this week.

Our heart geoboard was a popular spot.

materials needed
a tree round
elastic bands
loose parts for decoration

Not trusting free hand (I am no artist), I printed a heart shape, figured out where the nails should go, and my husband went to work on our kitchen counter workshop.

The first exploration was just with rubber bands.

Initially there was random placement of the rubber bands.

Then we saw patterns and deliberate elastic band placement emerge.

The kids added some loose parts they found in the classroom to their creations.

The little who created this one loves order, and puzzles and numbers - maybe a future engineer!

a more random-abstract soul ...

A couple of kids created this heart with some loose parts additions that tell a story.

As my friend J said, spider web hearts.

Simple. Easy to make. Open-ended. Uses a variety of skills. A multitude of possibilities.



  1. Nice job by everyone! You, your husband, and all the little kiddies. Love their designs!

    1. Thanks Barb. It was a busy spot in the classroom.


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