LOVE paintings - inspired by Robert Indiana

Love inspires art.

We were inspired by Robert Indiana's iconic work.

To make this project kindergarten-friendly, I cut each child 4 squares of watercolour paper and taped them onto a painting board.

We saw how Robert Indiana had used solid blocks of colour.  We could do that if we wanted to, but we did not have to.

It was fascinating to see the different ways the children chose to paint.

... a blend of two colours

... designs in multiple colours

... a bit of random everything

... orderly Kandinsky-like squares

I love how the liquid water colours provide vibrant colour. Perfect for love -- and welcoming Spring.

The kids' painted squares looked amazing.  It seemed a shame to cover them up with letters.

I borrowed a brilliant idea from Cassie Steven's art blog. She drew the letters (backwards), photocopied them and cut them into squares, ready for the kids to cut out.  Thank you Cassie!

The kids cut,

decided what square was for each letter,

and glued.

The finished projects are amazing.

All are bright and cheerful, and promising Spring (necessary in our dull grey days of rain).

Each has the creativity of the individual artist.

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  1. Those are beautiful, Sandi! I've seen something similar on Pinterest, but yours are really outstanding. I love how you give the little guys so much freedom to be as creative as they want:)

  2. Thank you. The kids and I are both pretty impressed with their work.


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