Aliens Love Underwear - read and play (with play dough)

Underwear is a bit of a giggle.

Aliens who love underwear - that's downright hilarious.

At least if you are 5 years old!

Perfect for reading and playing with play dough.

read the books

Aliens Love Underpants
author: Claire Freedman
illustrator: Ben Cort
publisher: Simon and Schuster, 2007

When aliens zoom down to earth in their spaceships - they are not really wanting to visit us. They want our underpants.

While they are Earth-side, they liberate underpants of all kinds and sizes from their clotheslines, creating all kinds of fun and games.

When your underpants come off the clothesline a little worse for wear, don't blames the neighbour's dog - know that aliens have been visiting...

Aliens in Underpants Save the World
author: Claire Freedman
illustrator: Ben Cort
publisher: Simon and Schuster, 2009

While on an underpants raiding mission, the aliens saw that a meteorite was threatening their undies supply.

They raced to Earth to Save the World (and the supply of knickers on the line).

Did they load their space ships full of Earthling underpants - no! Those aliens gathered the undies together and got to work. 

And saved Earth! With underpants.
(but I won't tell you how)

play with play dough

Play dough is the perfect medium to create aliens in underpants. 

We used green play dough - the traditional colour of aliens - but I am sure that they come in other colours.

Our alien ingredients were lids and buttons, cut up bubble tea straws, pipe cleaners, google eyes and cut up bead garland. Next time, nuts and bolts will be added to the potential alien parts pile.

And underwear - from the inside covers of the two books.

Each alien was an individual creation.

minimalist aliens

one antennaed knight in shining underpants alien

arachnid friendly alien

three arms, wonky eyes and flames short guy

We must remember to be grateful to these aliens, and understand their penchant for our knickers - after all, they put our undies to good use to save Earth.



  1. My kiddos love books about underwear! I have to look for that one. A very cute extension activity for that story.

    Not Just Child's Play

  2. Oh my goodness, Sandi, that looks like so much fun!
    I'm going to look for that book.
    Love the underwear-wearing aliens your kids made!


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