100 day caterpillar

Today was day 98.

One of my favourite 100 day books is One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes.

100 ants are heading to a picnic, and the littlest ant  suggests dividing into two lines of fifty, five lines of twenty, then four lines of twenty-five, and finally ten lines of ten.  We're going to a picnic, a hey and a hi dee ho! A great visual representation of dividing 100 into groups.

We didn't make 100 ants - this year.

So, we made a 100 circle caterpillar.  

We figured out that with 20 children, each child would have to trace and cut out 5 circles.  As I was taping the circles to the wall, the kids predicted where the one hundredth circle would end up.  Fine estimation skills!

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