numbers I Spy sensory table

Since we are celebrating Day 100 this week, the sand table was transformed from an antarctic penguin habitat to a numbers I Spy search and discover zone.

I put in a set of numbers 1 through 10, removable number wall clings,  and then added various items.
1 - egg cup
2 - wok utensils (great for pouring sand through)
3 - purple spiders
4 - clear plastic containers
5 - jacks
6 - toy frogs
7 - unifix cubes
8 - dominoes
9 - large  flat glass marbles
10 - sparkly shapes that link together

It's still a work in progress - I would like some coloured cups or containers instead of the clear plastic ones, and something with more "scope for the imagination" than the unifix cubes.  I am sure that the kids will have some better ideas than I did.


  1. Always an inspiration...I have been busy sifting rice out of my sand, but need to get my act in gear and get an eye spy number sensory table set up! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas for all to benefit from. And I am not related...and I am following you! :)

  2. Thank you Shauna. It is now officially a red letter day.

  3. I have just ordered my white sand the beginning of June and absolutely will steal this great idea. What about buttons instead of unifix cubes? There are so many beautiful buttons out there; shiny, sparkly, colourful, big, small, etc.

    Liz :)

  4. Buttons would be a great idea! Something sparkly would be grand.



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