pirate sensory bin and poem freebie

aye aye, captain

On our last full week of school, it is good to be overrun with pirates.

That way, I can growl at the kidlets and tell them to walk the plank -- and it's all good.

The kidlets have been enjoying a pirate sensory bin.

The base is aquarium gravel.  It was a bit expensive, but I liked the texture.  Rice dyed blue would also work.

The pirate ship is an aquarium accessory.  Again a bit expensive, but cheaper than toob pirates.  I economized and bought dollar store pirates.  They swashbuckle well.

Other bits and pieces that went in to the sensory bin are:
gold coins
cut up mardi gras necklaces
a cut up fake pearl necklace 
sea shells
plastic "jewels"
glass pebbles
sharks and a dolphin
dollar store treasure box
Thrift Shop goblet 
Thrift Shop metal ice cream dish
skulls and Xs (to mark the spot) from the dollar store

and pirate bounty 

The kids have been having fun burying treasure, making pirates walk the plank and sometimes being eaten alive by the sharks, dividing up the treasure ... 

Listening to the language and the stories that they are collaboratively developing is fun.

Here is a fun little pirate poem that we are reading.

Click on the image to download your free copy from google docs.
(just print the first page - google docs seems to enjoy messing up a second page for me)

may you find much treasure on your journey



  1. I love your sensory bin! I wonder if they're too young for grade 1? Maybe I'll give it a try next year.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. Thanks Sandi,

    We are having fun with pirates this week and needed a fun poem to chant. Liz :)


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