spider kids

Spiderman, spider man.
Does whatever a spider can.

It might be old school - but the kids love it!

So, we do the spider thing.

We make spidey hats (inspired by Robin's hats at Sweet Tea Classroom).

Eight legs  - two groups of four.

Two eyes (yes, most spiders have 8 eyes, some have 6, some have 4, but some have 2).

And a bit of spidey attitude.

Once their spidey portraits have been take, it's time for a little "S" practice.  

The kids glue their photos onto the web, fill in the missing "s"es, and print what they are good at doing (a heath and career education goal for kindergarten in my province).  Click the graphic for your free download.

Add my favourite spider font - click it to head to dafont for  a free download - and you have a quick, stop to read it in the hallway bulletin board.

After I take down our spider bulletin board,  the pages will be put together into a class book.  And do the kidlets  ever like our class books!

read on, Spidey, read on ....



  1. Love your spider hats! And what a cool font.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. Love making hats with the kids! It's probably my favorite thing to do in kinder! =) Simply Kinder

  3. Super cute spider hats and activities! Love them!
    Conversations in Literacy


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