they're writing!

Today was a writing day in kindergarten.

It was not in my daybook.

It was not required of the kidlets.

It was part of their play.

The day started with group of girls choosing a pre-writing activity.

Later in the day, a different group of girls were pretending to get ready for a dance.  Hair, nails, make-up ... the works.

Invitations needed to be sent out for the dance.  More writing.

Not to be outdone, the superheroes also needed to have a dance - a battle dance.  The superhero in grey is holding a sign with the initials of the organizing committee, and the turquoise superhero drew the story of the dance.

Writing for real reasons.  

Writing by choice.

Writing as part of their play.

Learning through play is nothing new.  

A couple millenia ago (give or take a a few hundred years), Plato stated:  

Do not ... keep children to their studies by compulsion, but by play.  

wise man


  1. I could feel your happiness in this post. It is so much fun seeing kids enjoy using the new skills they are learning...particularly when they are independently choosing to use the skills :)
    Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

  2. You are the play genius. I am going to share this post with my staff!

    First in Maine

  3. How wonderful! Talk about authentic uses of their skills! :)


  4. Awesomeness! I have two little guys who rush through their work, so they can write books...I'm so blessed!
    Owl Things First!


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