monster creation lab

By yesterday (Halloween) afternoon, I was done with Halloween.  I did not want to read one more Halloween book, hear Ghostbusters or Thriller one more time, or see anything orange or black.   So we read Go Away Big Green Monster.  It was a good compromise.

I put out a bin filled with monster creation materials - green paper plates, googly eyes, sticks, pom poms, dish scrubbers, ketchup cups, popsicle sticks, glue lids, pipecleaners, q-tips, and a few other things ...

I told the kidlets it was a monster lab.

It had the materials needed to create a monster.

And create they did.

I wonder what the lab will generate tomorrow ...

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  1. The photo of your monster really drew me in! I had to laugh out loud when I saw the art was based on Go Away, Big Green Monster (I'd done something based on that last week)! I feel ya about being done with Halloween by the time the 31st rolls around! :) Thanks for sharing these way too cute monsters!!


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