play dough and loose parts throughout the kindergarten year

a growing collection of play dough and loose parts invitations

sunflower play dough invitation
play dough: buttercup Wilton's food dye, lemon essence and gold glitter
gems, buttons,wooden blocks, shells, lids and other loose parts
in yellow, green, black, brown and ivory

fall playdough invitation
play dough: copper food dye, nutmeg and cinnamon, gold glitter
plastic leaves from the Thrift Shop
gold and copper garland
small sticks
fall coloured buttons
fall coloured gems 
fall table scatter/vase filler from Michaels

spider play dough invitation

play dough: purple food dye, purple and fushsia  glitter, lavender essential oil
googly eyes
black, orange and purple pipe cleaners
cut up straws
laminated paper spiders
plastic spiders
next time will add small sticks and cut up bead garland

Halloween play dough invitation 

play dough: purple food dye, purple and fuchsia  glitter, lavender essential oil
cut up garland
eyeballs and googly eyes
plastic spiders and critters

dinosaur play dough invitation

play dough: purple food dye, purple and fuchsia  glitter, lavender essential oil
big dinosaurs
little dinosaurs
little rocks
bigger rocks
glass gems

Todd Parr inspired faces play dough invitation

play dough: blue food dye, blue glitter, lavender essential oil
recycled lids
building disks
cut up big straws
cut up garland
wiggly eyes
cut up pipe cleaners

galaxy play dough invitation

play dough: black liquid watercolour and food dye, blue and gold glitter, tiny stars
space printables from Picklebums
plastic astronaut figures
cut up garland
glass gems, beach glass, plastic disks from Christmas tree garland
star cookie cutters

gingerbread play dough invitation
play dough: recipe from Mama.Papa.Bubba. with the addition of copper and gold glitter
cut up garland
mini cookie cutters
gingerbread friends cookie cutters
extra plates and trays for cooking and serving cookies

Christmas tree play dough invitation

play dough: kelly green Wilton food dye, green and blue glitter
I did not have vegetable oil in the house, so found a recipe using coconut oil at come on ilene 
cut up garland
gold and silver decorations
mini cookie cutters
tree cookie cutters (many available at Bulk Barn)

snowman play dough invitation
play dough: bleached flour play dough, iridescent glitter
cut up bead garland
big bead garland cut into individual beads
small rocks
googly eyes
cut up orange pipe cleaners

Chinese New Year play dough invitation

play dough: red icing dye with red and gold glitter
red and yellow craft sticks
red, gold and black  cut up bead garland
red and black buttons
red gems and diamonds
red and yellow lids
gold coins (would love to get some Chinese coins)

Gruffalo play dough invitation

reused the gingerbread play dough
purple - lids, craft sticks -  prickles all over his back
green -lid, beads, buttons -  wart at the end of his nose
white - glass gems, rocks, shells, lids, golf tees -  claws, horns, teeth
orange - lids, glass gems - eyes
brown lids, beads, glass gems - fur
black - lids, spools, glass gems - tongue

Valentine's play dough invitation

play dough: pink play dough with red and pink sparkles
cedar boughs
twigs (arbutus)
red twigs
googly eyes
glass gem hearts
cut up heart garland

green play dough invitation

green and nature play dough creations
play dough: green with bitter
cedar boughs
twigs (arbutus)
red twigs
cedar branches
nuts (with the shell on)


ocean playdough invitation 
play dough: blue Wilton's food dye
small aquarium rocks
assortment of Toob sea creatures
ocean coloured gems
laminated ocean pictures from Nurture Store


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