counting school days on a ten frame

Ten frames are an important math tool in many pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms.

So, we include it in our calendar time. (We actually call it "together time", since we are together, and do all sorts of things ... I like to leave things open ended.)

We know that a solid understanding of how "ten" can be taken apart and put together is crucial for successful future math learning.

Ten frames help young mathematicians learn
• one to one correspondence 
• to relate given numbers to 5 and/or 10
• to count on from a random number 
• to "see" a quantity in relation to 5 and/or 10
• number bonds to 10
• to build number sense to 10

During our together time, we look at our calendar and chat about what is and will be happening in our classroom. (A couple of years ago I switched from a turn-the-date-over one month calendar to a full year calendar on the wall.  It is well worth the investment in wall space.)

We also count how many days we have been in school. Every day we add a stick to the ones container, make a tally mark, change the numeral, and last year, we added a ten frame to our routine.

Every day the helper adds a sticker to the ten frame. (You could also use marker, bingo dabber or glue/velcro little pictures.)

We can instantly see 
• how many days we have been in school
 how many days we have been in school that month
 how many more days until zero the hero visits our classroom again

I noticed that our spontaneous math conversations increased as a result of adding the ten frames to our school days counting routine. 

I believe that the kids' understanding of "ten", and their independent use of ten frames for counting, increased as a result of our daily addition to our days in school ten frames. 

Good outcomes.

I could not find ten frames that were exactly what I wanted (simple, no clutter - so that the stickers were the focus of attention), so I made my own. Two frames per page - up to 200.

Click on the photo to print a copy for yourself. 

Or you might prefer the ten frames with only the numeral and not the printed number word. Click [here] to get a copy from google docs. 

Ten frames can be used in so many ways for pre-school, kindergarten and grade one learners. 

Rocking Dan Teaching Man has written a song and put together this video showing the number bonds for 10. 

We took ten frame paper bags outside to the forest to find 100 items to count and sort for 100 day. 

Here are some other free ten frame printables and activities. 

pencil ten frame activity - the Kindergarten Connection
falling leaves ten frame match - Playdough to Plato
astronaut ten frame match  - the Kindergarten Connection
roll and colour ten frames - Boy Mama Teacher Mama
lego math ten frame grid activities - Little Bins for Little Hands
ten frame toss - Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

happy counting



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  1. Great post! I'm setting up the whole year calendar, too! Not sure where I'll put it but we're gonna' make it happen. I like your idea of using the 10-frames for keeping track of days in school. Enjoy the last couple of weeks!


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