coffee filter spider webs

Spiders make the most amazing fall decorations. Their webs just fascinate me.  So intricate and delicate - get strong. And beautiful in the morning dew.

The kindergarten kids and I decided to make like spiders and create webs.

• coffee filters
• black jiffy marker
• eye droppers
• liquid water colour paints

1. Watch spiders create webs. It is amazing.

2. Draw a web on a coffee filter.

We chatted about how the spider makes the radial threads first, and then creates the spiral threads. Not all the kindergarten spiders followed the traditional spider web formula.

The kids drew on the coffee filter with pencil, and I traced over their lines with a jiffy marker.

2. Add colour.

I absolutely love liquid water colour paints. They are easy for the kids to use, and produce such beautiful, vibrant results.

We put a bit of slightly diluted red, yellow, orange, blue and purple liquid water colours in plastic cups (recycled snack size apple sauce containers are perfect).  We did not put too much in the cups, since the kids did not need a dropper full of paint - just drops. A little goes a long way on a coffee filter.

The kids were delightfully thoughtful about where they wanted different colours.

They dripped the colour until their spider webs met their artistic approval. 

3. Admire the spider web artistry.


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  1. Those are very pretty. The way you speak about webs I'm sure your entire class has a great appreciation for the little creatures:)


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