process art - painting with red and gold

Process art is a way for kids to explore art and their artistic selves. The action of creating is more important than the finished product. Fun-A-Day can tell you all about it.

It's a bonus round, when process art looks knock-your-socks-off, fantastic-amazing. 

The kids started with half a sheet of 9 x 12" watercolour paper and containers of red and yellow liquid water colours.

(Just as a side note - I l.o.v.e. liquid watercolours - they are so vibrant and easy to work with. Some of our other projects we've done using liquid watercolours are [here], [here], [here], [here], and [here].)

We sprayed the paper with water first, and added the liquid watercolour in a wet-in-wet technique.

We watched as the paint swam and and danced across the paper.

The kids were delighted to watch the colours dance together to make orange.

When the paper was filled with colour, or the artist was sure that it was done, the kids had the option to  sprinkle on coarse salt.

It was fascinating to see the affect that the salt had on the painting. Some of the kids just stood watching the salt absorb the paint.'

When the water paint was dry, we moved to the final step, string painting in red and gold.

I tied a piece of string onto the end of craft sticks.

After soaking the string in the tempra paint, the kids either made the string "dance" on their paper,

or intentionally dragged it where they wanted a line of paint.

It was intriguing to observe how each child used their paint. A peak into their artistic process and personality.

I chose red and gold paint since we did this while we were learning about Chinese New Year, but it would work with so many other combinations. Blue and purple - winter. Blue and green - ocean. Red and purple - warm colours. Lots of possibilities.

I think they are stunning.


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  1. Those are really beautiful! Adding the string at the end was a brilliant touch.


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